Just as the internet has revolutionised communication, this emerging era of Web 3.0 technologies is altering our perception and reliance on centralised systems. As technological advancements enable efficiency, Decentralised Finance is the next logical evolution of the finance industry.  

DeFi infrastructure is only at its infancy, presenting barriers for investors looking for an early entrance into the marketplace. Prophecy DeFi is assembled of a roster of industry experts, enabling an entry point for investors who seek to gain access to the rapid growth and development of this market.

The team at Prophecy DeFi uses their financial expertise and eye for strategic innovation to analyse disruptive and upcoming DeFi protocols. The team generates opportunities for investors to gain early access to a wide variety of holdings and contribute to the continued development and expansion of the world’s leading DeFi projects.

By bridging the best and the brightest founders in the emerging crypto markets with the most seasoned and experienced veterans in the traditional finance industry, we have pulled together a coherent ecosystem to advance and capitalise on the development of Decentralised Finance.